Her long grey hull leached tears of rust, her decks were blistered with bubbling crust.

Showing signs of neglect, humbly she lay ever so still, in that back-water bay.

Tethered by chain, cable and wire to keep from fulfilling her one last desire.

To challenge the sea and go many places, protect all the crewmen her hull embraces.

Then prove to all she deserves to live, this old gal still has plenty to give.

Rather than join in her sister’s fate she pleads for a chance before it’s too late.


Her sisters are dying by twos and by threes, not many left for this world to see.

“The pride of the fleet” her crewmen hailed around the world, to any port she sailed.

No better berth could be had at the time, our merchant fleet had reached it’s prime.

You couldn’t convince her that we tried, tho in vain to keep her ship-shape and fully maintained.

This is not to say what we did was wrong….but hard economics, competition was strong.

And the once proud Victory couldn’t compete with the rest of the world’s new merchant fleet.


While riding at anchor up in Suisun Bay a group of aged men came aboard her one day,

with an aura about them she quickly sensed a compassionate feeling without any pretense.

These men talked in terms that she understood, her spirit came alive, high hopes changed her mood.

If only these men a chance they would take to give her re-birth, and then for their sake

she would breathe new life in their bodies and mind, and re-kindle the spirits they once left behind.

She said to herself, “If they do me right I’ll forgive them their errors they make in the night

and shelter and protect them from the storm’s might.

If only these men….could rebuild me again.”       Ron Stahl